The Kurdish politicians should not act on the basis of anger and frustration. The United States, European Union, NATO countries and other partners of Kurdish freedom fighters – who fight with the Kurds against ISIS and similar fascist terrorist organisations and states – left the Kurds along in Kirkuk, Sinjar, Afrin, and other parts of Kurdistan against the aggression and attacks of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey on the Kurdish nation and land with overwhelming military power. The Kurdish nations had the right to expect solidarity from its alley, especially from the NATO, United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Because of the lack of solidarity, Kurdish politicians, Kurdish leadership, and Kurdish freedom fighters should not get frustrated and act rashly and irrationally.

Kurdish politicians should not even think to search support or get closer to the sick regime of Iran and fascist state of Iraq and Turkey, let alone be an alley with them, neither with the Syrian regime. These countries will never be alley or friends with the Kurdish nation. We should not confuse ourselves. Of course, I understand the anger of my fellow Kurdish citizens. In fact, I am very angry as well. But, we have to act in the interest of Kurdistan and the Kurdish nation.

I want to make this evident. Our aim and mission must be to find the right partner(s) and form the United states of Kurdistan. We should be more diplomatic and consistent with regard to our mission and be honest with our partners. What do we need from our potential partners? We have the border of our state! Our state is the United states of Kurdistan and therefore we have to find a partner to form the nation-state of Kurdistan. Our nation should officially be recognised as a member of the United Nations. Take Israel for instance as example in their achievement to the statehood of Israel. This must be easier for us if we are realist and determined.

All my respect again,
Hüseyin Baybasin