Baybasin’s explanation about his replacement


There is a lot of view about these two planes with the text ”Free Baybasin Now”, that was touring all around Holland. It was such a joy for me to watch that. At the same time it shows me that there are more honorable people in this country then I thought. Those who have organised this protest they have the courage as a first and they also have a high level of understanding values. They loudly said that they did not agree with wrong doings of their State.

I appreciate that very much with upmost respect.

Despite a long time that I am subject to ill-treatment in this country, I still believe that Holland is  a State of  Law and that the people of this country are well educated and civilized in character.

Those who made this protest show with two planes were simply demonstrating their democratic rights. That is the meaning of living in a State of Law. For those who did not like the show ”I am sorry for them”, but they have to learn more about democratic rights and values.

My replacement from the PI Heerhgowaard to PI Vught can simply be described as an abuse of power. And this is not the first time that this has happened to me in this country.

However, I still strongly believe that everyone who is working in state institutions should learn and except the order of the Rule of Law.

What has happened now, has just forced me to work harder for independent Kurdistan.

With respect to everyone following this case,

Hüseyin Baybasin
1 August 2016