The Baybasin case is a product of the narco-state of Turkey and the paedophile state of The Netherlands. Turkey is a real narco-state. In Colombia, Mexico or Afghanistan criminal organisations are dealing with narcotics and there are elements in the institutions of the state cooperating with those criminal groups. Better to say that some of those state officials are serving the criminal groups. However, these states are not narco-states like Turkey.


In 1996 the Susurluk accident happened in Turkey. As a result of this, a commission was formed to investigate the state’s relation with drug trafficking and criminal activities. The former Prime Minister Mr Mesut Yilmaz declared to the Turkish Parliamentary inquiry of the Susurluk commission that “drug trafficking was carried out under the state’s control’’. The whole world is aware of this. Any country or any individual who denies this or refuses to take knowledge of this is a liar. They must have a reason to deny the truth or they are just cowards and irresponsible enough not to accept the truth. Drug trafficking is run by the narco-state of Turkey like any other institutions within the Turkish state. Those who are working in drug trafficking are state officials. Sometimes they arrest a few idiots who act independently in minor drug trading. The Turkish state makes then a show business as if they caught big mafia organisation members.


The Kingdom of The Netherlands is a paedophile state. The state institutions officials are following their orders even if they are not paedophiles. The Kingdoms parliament and the entire judicial system are mere formalities. This is the reason why corrupt criminal elements function freely throughout state activities. Of course, there are decent and honest officials in Holland’s state institutions. I have to say that they form the majority. Unfortunately, they were overpowered and became dysfunctional due to the power of the paedophile club. I know there are some honest, decent and honourable judges, politicians, prosecutors and police officers. They did try to dismantle this paedophile club’s power. Unfortunately, they could not even bring these paedophiles to justice for the crimes they have committed. This is, because the main ruling power in every institution in the Kingdom of The Netherlands is controlled by corrupt criminals and paedophiles.


Corruption is what brought the narco-state of Turkey and the paedophile state of Holland together in the Baybasin case. If anyone or any country has any doubt of this reality, they are more than welcome to look at the charges based on the falsified evidence and manipulated telephone conversations that have been used in the fake files for Baybasins conviction. The fake files and manipulated telephone conversations have been created jointly by the officials of the narco-state of Turkey and the paedophile state of The Netherlands.



This is the real reason I am kidnapped and held as a hostage in Dutch captivity, since 24 December 1995. Also, the media  helped the narco-state of Turkey and the paedophile state of Holland to do what they have done to me. One of them is the BBC, which was the paedophile’s Kingdom for decades. Of course, there were some criminal elements in the state institutions of the United Kingdom including the then Home Secretary, Mr Jack Straw. But it was British media organizations, especially the BBC, that pushed most for my conviction. One of their most famous paedophile kings was Jimmy Savile. Together with the BBC and other British media, they played their role with their fake publications by the order of the paedophiles club. They received direct orders from the Home Secretary Jack Straw to do so.


So we have the Kingdom of The Netherlands’ ruled by the paedophiles club, and a paedophile empire centralized in BBC institutions, paid for by the United Kingdom. But no one talks about what they did to me. And that is why I remind everyone every now and then.


The rulers of Turkey have been evil since the creation of the state of Turkey on 24 July 1923, with the exception of Mr Turgut Özal, a former prime-minister and president of Turkey. The rest of them were all evils. Erdogan of Turkey is now the main ruler of the state and he is worse than evil, that is what it is!


I have been held hostage for 25 years. They are moving me from one prison to another to make me feel hurt by their abusive deeds. Their last action took place in Penitentiary Institution De Schie in Rotterdam. The staff members in P.I. De Schie are the best guards I have ever seen and worked with in the prisons of this country. Especially Piet, head of department B (Afdelingshoofd) is very special and performs his duty very professionally. In general, they were always honest, decent and protective towards the integrity of their profession until the last couple of years a new director, Hester van der Sar, was appointed to rule P.I. De Schie. She always talked to me, pa pa pa, made it look like she was a good girl and then she introduced a new head of the department A, I was staying in. Her name is Sherida Nannan.



Both asked for my support several times and I did my best to help them in the best way I could. Until last year, a Kurdish tv, Netew TV, requested to interview me. I was shocked to see that director Hester van der Sar suddenly became a kind of hysterical. She started to do everything possible to provoke me and force me to do something wrong, something I could be punished for. The guards warned me in advance for her dirty intentions. However, the new department head Sherida was not professional and still had much to learn to do her job well. Two guards, who I respect very much, a lady and one gentleman, asked me in the beginning to help this Sherida because she did not know how to get the job done. Later on, I learnt that she requested those two guards to convince me to assist her. With good intention, I did my best. But after director Hester van der Sar’s attitude changed towards me due to the request of the interview, this Sherida turned out to be a multiple character individual. Again the guards warned me to be careful and that both had bad intentions towards me. Hester van der Sar and Sherida used all kind of excuses and spread lies to set me, some prison guards and inmates against each other. They even organised a riot in the prison, to blame me for that action. But with the help of one very honourable guard, we could stop that action and then Sherida and Hester van der Sar became furious that the guard had committed himself to stopping the riot.


Furthermore, I was put in isolation for one week by Hester van der Sar because I had spoken by the telephone with Huig Plug, a guard in P.I. Scheveningen who I knew from that prison. Huig Plug is known as a whistle-blower. The isolation cell was like hell, freezing cold without protective clothing or blankets and with a continuous heavy noise from an extractor. It was not a normal procedural decision of Hester van der Sar so it was clear. Remarkably, the decision to isolate me was made immediately after Hester van der Sar was informed by the court that she was not allowed anymore to ban me from giving an interview to the Kurdish broadcast station Newtew TV. But moreover, afterwards I also learnt that Huig Plug has been working together with this Hester van der Sar in P.I. Scheveningen. At the time an inmate died in P.I. Scheveningen prison isolation while the insolation cell was provided with a camera. But when investigations into the incident were conducted, the camera recordings from that time suddenly appeared to have disappeared. The person then in charge of the unit concerned at P.I. Scheveningen was Hester van der Sar. Instead of taking action against Hester van der Sar for the tragic event, the case was covered up and the Ministry of Justice even promoted her to director of P.I. De Schie.


Shortly, the Ministry of Justice covered up her case and promoted her even with a directorship in P.I. De Schie. Huig Plug, together with some whistle-blower friends in the Ministry of justice, published the files related to that tragedy in P.I. Scheveningen on a Twitter account, called: Truths Hits Everybody. Hester van der Sar was furious that I spoke to Huig Plug and that is one of the other reasons she punished me, to take revenge on Huig Plug.


When I got informed about this, it became clear to me that Hester van der Sar was acting out of personal motives. But the reason for Sherida’s action was not clear to me. I had been kind and respectful to her and helped her on many occasions. Even when some crazy inmates attacked her or tried to harm her, she asked for my help. I then talked to those inmates and I was able to convince them so that her problems were solved. Because of this it was a serious question mark for me as to why she suddenly would be so nasty to me.


Now I have learned that Hester van der Sar and Sherida are a lesbian couple. They started to act in a very aggressive manner to be able to spend more time together in one of their offices inside the prison De Schie. In order to please the Ministry of Justice so that it would condone their behaviour as a couple, they accepted everything that the Ministry instructed them to do toward me, including illegal actions. I could not let this pass without informing the prison court through my lawyers.


The good people of this country need to dismantle the power of the paedophiles and criminals in high offices. This should be their moral duty. The reason I am telling this is that it is their job, not mine. All of the highly placed offices are occupied by these elements. You can think and say, well as long as they do not touch me, why would I care. You can say, you better ignore it, but then you let the system get rotten further and further and the entire nation will live in the stink of it. This is exactly the way Turkey has been ruled all along. If we want to live a good life and pass it on as such a good quality of life to the coming generation, we must make sure that the law rules the state, and not the criminal paedophiles.


Furthermore, twenty-five years of my life have been taken away from me, in which  my children have had to miss their father. So I believe that this should be enough for the good people of this country to dismantle these fraudulent criminal elements. I will soon leave all these issues and bad experiences behind me. The good people of this country must now find a civilized way to rearrange their state institutions themselves, because from now on I will concentrate myself on establishing the United States of Kurdistan. That will be my next job and the last task I want to fulfil in my life.


Despite all my terrible experiences in this country, I still believe The Netherlands deserve better than being ruled by criminal paedophiles and cowards.  For the good people working within the judiciary, although they could not protect my rights, they should be more effective in protecting the laws of their own country, which are abused by the wrong people, playing cheap games. The purpose of my statement is not only because of what happened to me but also of what is happening to good people in this country and my message to them.


There are thousands of letters, cards of messages sent to me by the good people of this country. Most importantly, so many people send cards and pray for me while they do not even know me personally. I believe I owe them a lot and have to make sure that they know how their tax money is being spent.


I have been wrongly convicted by Dutch courts and I have been mistreated. My basic human rights were violated in Dutch custody for more than 25 years.. All my convictions and my treatment in detention were based on manipulation, deception and corruption. Before this happened to me in The Netherlands, I believed that the entire Middle East, in particular Turkey, could learn from The Netherlands about human rights and the rule of law. Unfortunately, I have learned in a very hard way that The Netherlands themselves still have a lot to learn about these matters.


My conviction was not just a single mistake by police officers, prosecutors or judges. It was pure abuse of process, deliberately put together by police, prosecutors and judges. Their actions against me were no less than criminal acts. They tried to cover up their crimes by using fraudulent reports from some so-called criminal law experts and translators. A.P.A. Broeders of The Netherlands Forensic Institute, Frank Bovenkerk led by Yucel Yesilgöz, the fake expert Bas van der Heuvel and the criminal and fraudulent figure Tayyar Cetinkaya who acted as interpreter. These criminals were all used to give my conviction a legitimate appearance. Therefore, we cannot say, that it was just a simple mistake of individuals. But in the end, most of the blame for the convictions is on the judges, because all the facts, based on the pure truth, were available to them. However, they were guided by the orders of the criminal paedophile Joris Demmink, Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice. There is no legal or political institution within the Kingdom of The Netherlands, including the parliament, that does not know these facts.


This experience has been a daily torture for my family and myself since 24 December, 1995. Cruel treatment during detention has been another torture for me to live with for the past 25+ years. Not one day, one week, one month or one year, it has been 2 and half-decades. I live every day with the feeling that I am being tortured. Therefore, no official in the Kingdom of The Netherlands and the European Union is qualified to talk to me about the morality of civility, nor are they qualified to point the finger at the wrongdoings of others because of what they have been doing to me, my family and the Kurdish nation.


I cannot thank enough to professor Ton Derksen, the members of Restore Justice, priest Simon van Groningen and his Evangelical Churches, Huig Plug and other good people who are supporting me. With this statement, I want to express my thanks to all of them. Of course, my lawyers Mrs Adèle van der Plas and Mrs Judith Serarrens and the staff of their offices are a symbol of decent self-respected professionals. I respectfully appreciate every work they have done in my case.


Best regards,

Huseyin Baybasin

1 July 2021