The Turkish State is justifying its attack on Kurdistan’s Rojava, the region of Afrin, by claiming that PYD and YPG are part of PKK. This is not more than an excuse that the fascist state of Turkey is using.

The PYD and YPG have no any hierarchic relations in the chain of the command with PKK. The YPG is part of PYD and the leader of PYD is Mr Salih Muslim, who had several times visited Mr Erdogan in Turkey three years ago. He would not be invited to Turkey and have meetings with Mr Erdogan, if he had received orders from PKK’s leadership or if his movement was part of the PKK. As I said, this is not more than an excuse that the fascist state of Turkey is using to justify its aggression against Afrin.

The PYD has relation with PKK as they do have relation with Kurdish regional Government and many other Kurdish political functions in East of Kurdistan and parts of Iran. No more than that. They all represent the Kurdish freedom movement in different parts of Kurdistan and there is not a hierarchic relation between the Kurdish movements because they all act independently in different regions of Kurdistan.

It is true that PYD and YPG are using Mr Ocalan’s, a respected Kurdish leader, vision and pictures, as many other nations are using Karl Max’s, Vladimir Lenin, and Che Guevara’s pictures and vision. This does not make them part of PKK or that Mr Ocalan is their leader, if it would, then Karl Max, Vladimir Lenin, and Che Guevara would obviously be the leaders of all the nations who are using their pictures and ideology, such as Russia or China.

It is evident that this attack on the Kurdish nation in Afrin is not more than an aggression committed by fascist Turkey. Therefore, I challenge the Kurdish institutions and people to take all the legal measures to stop this illegal act of Turkey.

Furthermore, the Kurdish position in Syria is not a threat to Turkey since there has never been an attack from YPG to Turkey. This must be realized and clarified to everyone.

Hüseyin Baybasin