Courageous individuals in the Netherlands


When a country is occupied by invading forces, most of its citizens will rise up to liberate the country but some may choose to serve the occupiers based on personal interests. That is defined as ‘wartime’ and parallels the situation in Holland’s legal system right now.

My case has exposed this situation although Holland is not occupied by invaders and no war is going on. However, the legal system is dominated by a criminal clique. A small percentage of these criminals has hijacked key positions in the Dutch Ministry of Justice and are exploiting it to their own ends. The greater percentage of officials in the Ministry of Justice are correct individuals. These officials are well aware of the wrongdoing by the criminal fraternity operating within the institutions of justice, but they prefer to look down on them rather than to take action against them. Such is the reason for the failure of the legal system in Holland.

The positive development, however, is that certain honourable individuals, themselves members of the Ministry of Justice, are taking action against the wrongdoing. These courageous individuals are well aware of my case, and they are open and vocal.

During the Second World War, a group of good people tried to protect Anne Frank, a little Jewish girl renowned today. And this group of good people represents the highest values of human rights, perhaps even more than those that sought to protect Anne Frank and those that stand against injustice in Holland. This group of people is the finest example for those who believe in a civilized way of life.

Members of ‘Restore Justice‘ in Holland, are individuals from the science discipline, philosophers, judges, prosecutors, governors, prison employees, and individuals from the police department and intelligence services. Happily, there are also some journalists, experts, linguists, lawyers, and members of medical science, and prison officers that also show they are taking a correct stand.

There are some very special members of the Ministry of Justice in Holland and one in particular, from the Justice Department in Katwijk, which is tagged a ‘holy land’.

Another special person is Arma, along with some other very special individuals in Holland. These individuals are acting independently and devoting valuable time and money to restore justice in Holland and to protect me from the criminal clique in the Ministry of Justice. They are taking a courageous stand that will go down in the history and gain more respect and recognition than even the group that once helped Anne Frank.

For me, the damage has already been done. But I am very impressed by the action taken by these groups. I see the actions taken by these courageous individuals as declarations of honour against the evil in the Ministry of Justice in Holland.

With these thoughts, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Huseyin Baybasin