Why does only ‘Black Life’ matter?


Why are we allowing ourselves to evaluate human life differently? Why, in the first place, is black life different than others’ lives? Why don’t we say ‘human lives matter’?
To me, the life of every living creature matters, including animals and plants.

The slavery issue is, of course, an important issue, but white people were also slaves and were sold in every European city like animals. The Ottoman palaces were full of only white women held in so called ‘harem’ rooms and they were not just slaves but sex slaves. They
were all European white women and they remained sex slaves until the end of the Ottoman Empire.

Caption: Let’s look at this carefully to refresh our memory: The Inspection of New Arrivals by Giulio Rosati (1858-1917)

In the countries which are ruled by Sharia law, even today the women living in those countries are slaves denied equality with men and nothing else, whether we like it or not. This is a fact and not all those women are black.

Kurdistan was divided by Britain and France and ruled by Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria. Kurdish people have no real rights and the occupiers are using the Kurds as slaves. No country in the world rejects this except Israel. Israel is the only country to speak out loudly against the Kurdish people’s situation. The others are keeping silent for their own financial interests and the benefits that they gain from Kurdistan’s occupiers. All of the Kurdish people are white people.

ISIS and other Islamist terrorist organisations were created and coordinated by Recep Tayyib Erdogan of Turkey – a member of NATO. ISIS kidnapped, raped and sold underage children in the markets. Those children – whether Kurdish or not- are white and this is still happening.

In Western European countries, high level officials kidnap, rape and murder underage kids even in our times – like it is believed may have happened to a little English girl, Madeline McCann – just one of thousands of such victims; these kinds of things are happening every day in Western Europe and those kids are mainly white.

I have been kidnapped by the Kingdom of the Netherland’s Ministry of Justice and held hostage since 1995. My kidnapping took place to cover up a paedophile case in Turkey. Joris Demmink was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and along with some other high level officials, raped white underage Turkish kids in Turkey. They were arrested over this in 1995 so they made an agreement with the Turkish state to find me and give me to Turkey and then their kidnapping and abuse of little Turkish kids in Turkey would be covered up. They managed to entrap me and take me hostage and because of international law they could not give me to Turkey so they made another agreement with the Turkish state to hold me as a hostage in Holland and make sure I would be silent. I am not a black person and this is happening in a central European country and here I am, talking to you loud and clear.

Yes, there are racial issues and issues of slavery still in the world today and we need to deal with this serious matter. We cannot say that the black people are the only ones to have been enslaved or discriminated against. Recently, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe murdered white people who were Zimbabwe’s citizens. They were selected, discriminated against, and dismantled politically. Mugabe targeted them because of the colour of their skin and they were white people. So let us lift our heads out of the sand and address the issue of all human rights’ violations and injustices – no matter where they are happening. Let us work together for the rights and safety of all, including the environment. Let us not be cowardly populists and hide behind cheap personal interests.

Huseyin Baybasin, 21 June 2020