What to do after the Manchester atrocity?


What happened in Manchester is a painful atrocity. This painful event is not any different than atrocities have happened in Kurdistan for decades and are still happening.

In Dersim, in Koçgiri, in Gêlîyê Zilan (Agri), in Lice, in Halepçe, in Şengal (Sinjar) in Kobane, in Cizre, in Sirnak, in Silopi, in Idil, in Midyat, in Nusaybin, in Gewer (Yüksekova) in Diyarbekir – Sur, and in Haleppo etc…

Of course, we all are very sorry for this unspeakable event.

Being sorry is not enough! Being sorry is not helpful to relieve the pain from those atrocities as well. Now, the question is what are we going to do not to let it happen again. This madness is not going to end by sorrows or condemnations. Two kinds of actions are urgently needed. Short term and long term actions. And these actions need to be carefully planned and executed. Any person who ever believes in a civilized way of life must play his or her role in this way of acting. We all have to think and be creative and share our thoughts and creativity with other. We have to accept that this problem is not easy to tackle and that we have to do it all together.