What Erdogan and Trump are doing in Rojava of Kurdistan is not to create a safe zone but to open a war zone gate against civilisation


Turkish military together with their recycled Islamist terrorists are together attacking the Kurds in Rojava,raping and murdering a helpless women, killing elderly and children. They are doing this with their hands in the air and finger sign of ISIS, and shouting allahu akbar.

They are acting under Turkish military command, member of NATO. They are doing this on your watch Donald Trump. US sold the Kurds, the principle of civilisation and the honour of a great nation like the United States of Amerika for your own corrupt interest.
Donald Trump you are a coward, fraud and an idiotic person. You are a hooker belly dancer on Erdogans and Putins table. Donald Trump you are not qualified to be president of a great nation and leader of t he free world.
I am very sure the people of United States of Amerika are capable of dealing with you. The United States of Amerika and the free world deserves a better leader than a crook like you.