There are still some good people in the Dutch justice system (saying what nobody else dares to say!)


One of the dirty judges who implemented a deliberately wrong decision in the Baybasin case is Ibo Buruma. He and Professor Jacobs from the University of Nijmegen ignored the highly professional, internationally recognized, Israeli forensic institution’s expert; two American international recognized and well qualified forensic institution’s experts; a Dutch military intelligence services technical expert; a TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) forensic expert and a KPN (KPN is a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company) technical expert.

All of these experts made it clear how and why telephone conversations were manipulated in order to convict Huseyin Baybasin. Ibo Buruma and Professor Jabobs from the University of Nijmegen were not experts themselves and they were the ones appointing experts in order to present an expert report on the telephone taps that were used to secure a conviction of Baybasin. Their denial of the expert reports was disgraceful. They said: “Yes, experts are saying that the telephone taps were manipulated, but we don’t believe that the Dutch police would do that.”

This was their explanation in the face of proven scientific technical expert reports. Ibo Buruma and Prof. Jacobs have initiated that decision in a shameful manner, because an agreement was reached with Joris Demmink, a paedophile criminal that was also the secretary-general of the Ministry of justice. Ibo Buruma made a deal with Joris Demmink to reach a decision that would cover up the truth in the Baybasin case, and as a result, he would then be pointed as a Supreme Court judge in the Netherlands – and this is what happened.

Joris Demmink was the secretary general of the Ministry Justice in Holland in 1995. He was arrested in Turkey because he had sexually violated underage boys – boys younger than 15 years’ old. Consequently, he had to make a deal with the Turkish government to locate Huseyin Baybasin and eventually extradite him to Turkey. He managed to organize Baybasin’s arrest on 24 December 1995, based on false allegations. When he couldn’t send Baybasin back to Turkey, they fabricated fake cases, with fake allegations with Turkish officials in order to hold him hostage in the Dutch prison system. He has been in prison ever since.

All of the judges and prosecutors who worked on the Baybasin case followed Joris Demmink’s orders, just like Ibo Buruma did. The ones who did not follow his orders were removed from the case. Judge Sterk was one of the judges to be removed.

In a sympathetic video to Baybasin you see a member of the Justice department filming him when he came face-to-face with Buruma in Den Hague and asked him if he sleeps well after what he has done to Baybasin in order to get promoted. Bumura walked away in a cowardly fashion with a smile on his face. He is currently a judge of the Supreme Court in the Netherlands, not because he is a qualified lawyer, but because of his corrupt relations with Demmink, the paedophile criminal. Is this the direction that justice has taken in Holland – that of personal gain over and above the state’s justice mechanisms?

Ibo Buruma’s daughter is a lawyer in Holland and together with her father they hold conferences around the Netherlands saying how superior and correct they are.

Huseyin Baybasin is asking if this is something we should accept?

We have to give our utmost respect to the Ministry of Justice officer who asked the corrupt judge Ibo Buruma this same question.

12 February 2020