ON 24 July 2018, the United States of Kurdistan (USK) announced the establishment of its government in exile in Lausanne at Chateau d’Ouchy hotel and is proud to celebrate its first anniversary today. The USK takes this opportunity to update the Kurdish nation and international community as to its work performance.

Over the past year, the USK’s committee members have worked hard towards achieving the project’s chief aim, which is, first and foremost to submit a request to the United Nation in order for the nation state of Kurdistan to be recognised and secondly, to take legal action through the appropriate institutions and courts on an international level against the occupiers and the crimes committed since 1923 concerning the Kurdish nation.

The committee has instructed international lawyers to prepare the legal framework for the submission. The USK is convinced that international law provides a legitimate base for the recognition of Kurdistan as a state. The USK is simultaneously maintaining and expanding its diplomatic relations and aims to submit the request in the forthcoming months. Alongside the submission, the USK is currently in the process of drafting the constitution for Kurdistan.
In addition, the USK has gathered valuable evidence so as to bring charges against the occupiers. The USK will initiate legal procedures after the submission of the request to the United Nations through a special purpose vehicle in the form of a foundation. This foundation will also organize meetings, panels and conferences to create awareness on the Kurdish issue and help the Kurds in territories of war, disaster and poverty as well as provide educational support to Kurdish students, in the widest sense of the word.

In the meantime, the USK is continuously promoting its vision and goals through meetings and (social) media with the (Kurdish) organisations, institutions, politicians and wider community. The USK has received immense support from the Kurdish community and held a valuable exchange of information and discussion with institutions and politicians in order to hold a general election in 2021.

The USK is honored to work with, and serve the long suffering Kurdish nation. The USK’s members consider themselves fortunate to undertake this duty.

The USK respectfully thanks each and every Kurdish citizen and their friends, for their valuable support and contribution, which has made it possible to celebrate this first anniversary.
On behalf of the USK

In name of the United States of Kurdistan’s government