The Daughters of Kobani


This book explains how the Kurdish professional army has destroyed the ISIS terrorist organisation – the so-called Islamic caliphate. Despite Erdogan of Turkey’s support to upgrade ISIS by recruiting, training, equipping and coordinating them to create such terrorist organisation to function as a state under the black flag.


Despite the world powers were ignoring the basic rights of Kurdish people due to their interest, the Kurdish girls were enough to destroy ISIS terrorist organisation. Every Kurdish person must accept that if we as the Kurdish nation want to establish the United States of Kurdistan, no power in the world can stop us. This is what the Kurdish nation needs and this is what the whole world needs to maintain peace, stability and order in the Middle East and beyond.


My all respect and thanks to every Kurdish people who participated in this struggle, especially the Daughters of Kobani. I would like to thank Gayly Tzemach Lemmon as well for writing this book and  bringing the heroic Kurdish girls effort to the light.


Huseyin Baybasin