Statement of Baybaşin against NOS


(Hüseyin Baybasın’ın, 3 mart 2016 Utrecht mahkemesinde, NOS televizyon kanalına karşı yaptığı konuşması)

The NOS news organisation is paid with public money. For telling the public the truth. And not for telling them lies, as they have done in this case. This is immoral and illegal. And because of this we are here today.

Right after their incorrect publishment about me I sent them a letter and requested correction of their wrong doing. Unfortunately they reacted with an irresponsible arrogance. If they would have reacted responsibly, we now would not have been here at this court.

As their policy, the Turkish State targeted all of the influential Kurdish individuals. In 1993 the Turkish State publicly announced that they were going to eliminate those Kurds, which were known to them, that were supporting the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

I am one of the names that were published, by the Prime-Minister at that time, listed on a so called death-list. The Turkish State murdered so many of us. I was attacked two times in Turkey and there were two murder attempts on me in Holland. The State of Turkey has been doing this for the past century. They are torturing, criminalising, murdering, assimilating and eliminating us by massacres.

Still, today, this Turkish fascist state is doing this to us. They are doing this to control our land and to steal our wealth. Let us be sure that their fascist dream will never become true. We will have an independent United States of Kurdistan. That is not going to take a long time.

Because the Turkish State could not kill me, they started to commit horrible crimes by creating a terrible image of me. They did so by using cheap dirty criminal individuals like this Mustafa Bayrakdar, and this kind of news organisations like the NOS. They managed to create this false image of me. In this way they managed to keep me in the EBI for six years and in prison for twenty years, just based on fabricated cases and falsified evidence for these cases.

And now, all the truth is coming out. So the Turks break off the peace negotiations with us. And this is the reason for these new media attacks. To the Dutch State or the public interest there is no reason to victimize me or my family.

My children were forced to grow up without having a father around them. I have four beautiful kids. Two of them graduated from university in law and economics. And two of them are still studying. And I have to explain to them that what the NOS has published about their father is such a lie.

Also I have to find a way to explain to the victims of this family that the NOS publishment is not true. I have to tell them that they lost their loved ones, but that I am not a murderer. And I am not their enemy. Also I have to convince good people in this country, like doctor Hofstede, that I am not involved in those horrible murder cases. That the NOS is lying.

My dear lawyer must find the right way to tell all of the prosecutors and judges, involved with my revision case, that they must not believe the NOS news. They just have to look at the facts. Well, they never did before. Why would they do now?

I am twenty years in prison now, based on a falsified image created by the fascist Turkish State. And I have to ask myself for every moment in a prison cell: Why do they do this? What is the reason?

We all know what the interest of the Turkish State and their criminal elements is to target me. I do understand why the Turkish government is doing this. I do not approve but I do understand. But I do not understand why the NOS is doing this. How do they benefit from such kind of lies? What is your interest mr. NOS?

And now the NOS even has the nerve to tell the court that there is no damage for Baybasin! I am lying awake every night over these false allegations. I have to ask doctors every week to find out how to sleep. And there is no damage for Baybasin?

I know there are still honest and honourable “amptenaars” (ambtenaren, civil servants, red.). So be honest. It will be good for your organisation to tell the court the truth. And I ask mr. NOS to be honest. Do not decorate your lies with more lies, like I see you doing now. You will feel good if you tell the truth.

My request to the court, with respect, is to rule accordingly my councillor’s submitted request to the court.

At the public court at Utrecht Holland,
Thursday March 3rd 2016,
Hüseyin Baybasin