The fascist state of Turkey as a member of the NATO is openly committing genocide against the Kurds.
Shame on civilization!

This so called agreement in Ankara of last night insults our Kurdish nation and is a stab in the back of the heroes in Rojava.

This sick man of the fascist state of Turkey murdered Kurdish civilians with his chemical weapons and is  now forcing Kurdish people from Turkey to join the Turkish soldiers in Rojava to kill their own family members.

Unfortunately another sick man, Donald Trump of the USA, is clearly serving Erdogan’s needs regarding the Kurds.
Secretary General of the NATO and members of the NATO, what are you going to do about this?
Secretary General of the UN, what are you doing about this?

Civilized international community, what is your reaction on all this? What are you going to do about it?

We as Kurdish people must stand and have to act as one. We have to act now to protect our nation. If we all have to move to Rojava we should do so. We must not allow the sick dictators of our time to further destroy and reduce our nation.