After the court decision of 18 August 2017 against the former Holland Ministry of Justice Secretary-General Joris Demmink, the abuse of the minors was ended.

I strongly believe that that decision was another failure of the Dutch legal system. After that decision, some politicians and media organisations companying for Joris Demminks rehabilitation or compensation. I will remind them that they have to shame of themselves for two reasons:

(i) They are forgetting about the victims; and
(ii) I still have two cases against Joris Demmink and his criminal organisation in pending.

One of my submissions against Holland State and Joris Demmink in Holland is not finished yet. Another one is in Turkey; again against Joris Demmink and his criminal organisations. This is also not ended yet. And this fact is well known by the attorney general Mr Diederik Aben and the court of Arnhem.

I want to remind everyone involved that the criminal charges against Joris Demmink by myself are not finished yet. So, even if I lose the case in Turkey as well as in Holland, I will take it to the European Court of Human Right and to the Court of United Nations of Human Right in Genève.

So stop celebrating your ugliness, losers.

Hüseyin Baybasin