John van den Heuvel, are you in denial as to the truth as a matter of self interest and as an opportunist? Or are you ignoring the truth because you are simply a coward?

I leave it to the public to come up with a suitable name for you.

I do not know Mr Poot personally but I am assured that he is a very decent person. He employed a group of experts  including former high level officials of the Ministry of Justice, a prosecutor, and police officers of Holland  and published their fruits of their fact-finding in a professional work called ‘’De Demmink Doofpot’’.

If you, John van den Heuvel, and cowards like you were to possess any courage, which I believe your work shows you to lack, along with professional ethics, then you should investigate the official documents and speak with the witnesses  and the victims before publishing your articles. Then they will be based on the facts.

Of Mrs. van der Plas, I can tell you, she is a very decent and highly professional individual and she leads a life based on real human values and courage. Lowlifes like yourself are far from even invoking the name of Maitre Adéle van der Plas. Every person who knows her is aware of her extraordinary and noble character.

As for me, John van den Heuvel, my life is an open book. Pure and clean. And it is not going to be tarnished by people like you. I don’t have time to waste on barking dogs. You and those like you are used to running after bones. As for your esteemed Joris Demmink, he is nothing but a cheap criminal and paedophile. Demmink knows this and you know it as well as everyone that is involved with my case and with the investigations into Demmink’s crimes and the cover-up. If they choose to be in denial and live their lives as cowards, that is up to them, but they have to live with the daily shame of their lives and this will be the legacy they leave for their grandchildren as well.

In your article published in de Telegraaf  of the 23th of August 2017 with the  title ‘’Complotdenkers hitsen de boel op’’  it is clear that you have published the story that you were ordered to.

If you would read the case file, you would see that the victims in Turkey did report to the police at the time of event and those police officers and their chiefs also gave a statement that is on video record. You would also see the victims and police officers in Holland gave statements to the prosecutors long before my entering Holland in 1995.

Finally, I give you and the other underhand and corrupt people in this country some good news: The case is not finished and will not be finished until justice is done according the law in Holland.

Now Mr. John van den Heuvel of de Telegraaf, I revile and rebuke you! So should you want to discuss the truths here, you have my address:

PI Rotterdam, locatie De Schie

Postbus 11377
3004 EJ Rotterdam

Hüseyin Baybaşin

28 August 2017