From Baybasin to Mr Erdogan and his government


Regarding the information I get with respect to the military coup in Turkey of 15 July 2016 seems that this action is neither arranged by Mr Erdogan himself nor by Mr Gülen’s organisation. Those involved in the military coup acted out of frustration and anger. Their aim was to get rid of Mr Erdogan and others around him. The reason was Mr Erdogan’s wrong political policy. Those involved were just Turkish civil servants and military staff members. There is no involvement whatsoever of any other country, any other political organisation or any individual outside of Turkey. This information is well known to everyone who has access to such information.

My advice would be: whoever violates the current laws of Turkey should be held accountable on the basis of these current laws in Turkey.

Furthermore, the way how Mr Erdogan and Prime Minister act now seems and will be ‘’Ku-de-ta’’ against the democratic state of Turkey.

Mr Erdogan and those around him have to be realists and must act according to the law. They must accept the outcome of their wrong policy, correct wrongdoings and improve the situation. The best for them and for Turkey will be that they return to the situation, until 2012; it would be good. They might not think that everyone else around the world is mindless and cannot see what is going on. This way of behaviour will only bring distraction of Turkey’s statehoodness.

A few questions for Mr Erdogan and his government:

(i) What are you going to do with the judgments that were carried out by 3000 judges that you have fired? Were those judgments wrong as well?

(ii) What is the evidence against every individual that is arrested or fired? These matters should have a legal basis and the evidence has to be shared with the public.

(iii) Are you going to reconsider your aggression against the Kurdish nation? And what will be your decision regarding the basic human rights of the Kurdish nation?


Kind regards,

Hüseyin Baybaşin
22 July 2016