Formation of United States of Kurdistan and Government in Exile


We have decided to establish a transitional government to organise the government of the United States of Kurdistan in exile to work to bring to an end the occupation of Kurdistan.

The transitional government will formulate the necessary regulations to organise elections for members of the actual government. As a first step, the actual government will submit its request to the UN to accept the United States of Kurdistan’s borders, languages, currency and flag.

The government will then go on to prepare the Constitution of the United States of Kurdistan. It will work towards Kurdish unity, to pushing out the brutal occupiers from the sacred land of Kurdistan and ensuring membership of the United States of Kurdistan at the UN.

This is only way an end can be brought to the long and painful era of the suffering of the Kurdish people, bring stability to the region and security and peace to the civilised world.

We are very well aware of the difficulties and requirements this announcement involves. However, we trust we will, and must, succeed.

In one week’s time we will announce the names of the honourable, leading members of the transitional government of the United States of Kurdistan in exile.

We place out trust and belief in Xwedê and the Kurdish nation.

We respectfully seek the support of civilised states, international human rights organisations and honourable individuals.

In the name of the Working Committee of the Government in Exile

Huseyin Baybasin