I have been held hostage in Holland since 1995. Criminal elements within the Ministry of Justice in Holland organised the basis for me to be held hostage here.

The states of Turkey and Holland agreed to hold me hostage in return for covering up the paedophile crimes committed by Joris Demmink in Turkey.

All the Dutch political parties, Ministry of Justice personnel, judges, prosecutors, security and intelligence services, human rights organisations, and the media in Holland are well aware of the real facts of my case.

All of those institutions and individuals involved with my case have pushed responsibility away from themselves. Vile lies repeated by prosecutors have intentionally been accepted by the judges. Most of the popular media organisations and some well-known journalists like Peter R de Vries have also repeated the same lies to mislead the public. All these intentional acts are part of the cover-up process of my case, committed by immoral cowards. Such individuals act in this way so as to protect their personal interests.

Incompetent and irresponsible judges allowed this cover up to go on for more than 20 years. They have abused respect for the rule of law, which is their duty to uphold. The true ugliness of the Ministry of Justice against me has not ceased to this day. The ugly things imposed on me get worse and worse each year. The cover-up procedures took place with sickening regularity. The last cheap tricks organised against me were in 2015 and 2016 in the Zuyderbos prison of Alkmaar. Ministry of Justice official, Angeline van Dijk and Marijke Keizer organised a despicable attack on me by using Zuyderbos prison director, Cees Poel, the head of the department in which I lived.

Cora Oud, and criminal personnel member Jan de Jong, along with opportunist officer Nel concocted a false report and made false statements to use against me in order to send me to the Vught prison, and then on to Schie Penitentiary in order to hurt me and deprive me of all my rights. The most important right to be taken away from me was not to be able to talk to my children one hour a week by Skype. Thanks to my lawyers, their false reports and untruths were exposed to the court.

Still, there was no punishment for the wrongdoing of van Dijk, Poel, Oud de Jong and Marijke Keizer. So the justice system has utterly failed to safeguard my rights during the court procedures and from Day 1 since I’ve been held hostage in Holland.

The justice system has failed to protect my right for more than 20 years. The same justice system also promoted whoever did wrong in my case. This has taken place in so-called criminal cases against me and also involved ill-treatment in prison.

There are many courageous judges, prosecutors, police, intelligence officers, and members of the Ministry of Justice – especially certain prison governors and officers. Sadly, however, a clique of corrupt criminals is able to control senior officers in the legal system. This represented the main obstacle to securing justice and is very dangerous for the entire Ministry of Justice.

Incorrect judgements delivered by the courts seem to be accepted as normal. This has increased more and more each year which is very alarming. Now, prison governors’ and officers’ working standards are going from bad to worse. Medical care in prisons for inmates is much worse than animal care in terms of Holland’s standards of medical care. The nutritional basis of meals provided for inmates could not be worse. The irresponsible conduct of prison management has created corruption as a modus operandi, which is the main concern for the safety and security of inmates as well as personnel.

Complaints commissions at all levels of penitentiary proceedings are solely concerned for their terms in office and retirement. Most of the judges in complaints commissions appear irresponsible and careless. Professionalism in the Ministry of Justice and the prison system has disappeared a long time ago. Rehabilitation programmes for inmates do not exist inside the prison. Criminalising the youth is also very common. Prison management offers up lies as a basic rule to cover up the truth just like the court procedures.

Lots of money and energy is wasted in the Ministry of Justice because of the failed system.

I am respectfully grateful to a small courageous group of senior Ministry of Justice personnel, civil servants and academics that have jointly organised protest actions in front of the Parliament and Supreme Court of Holland in support of my case. Their actions are both encouraging and inspiring. Moreover, their continuous right action provides some hope for the restoration of the justice system in Holland. These courageous and decent civil service members know how and why the legal and prison systems have failed and how they need to be corrected. They know the best way to get the job done in restoring the justice system in Holland and how the system should work.

The arrogant and irresponsible mainstream media and the Dutch Parliament ought to heed their voices if they wish to contribute to the restoration of justice in Holland and also respect the good people of this country to whom I address this appeal.

Hüseyin Baybasin
8 March 2018