Many people wonder why my case happened in Holland, while I was not even living in Holland. This is a genuine question. My answer is most of the rulers of the Netherlands are spoiled by the wealth of this country. Therefore, civilized Land law is abused, misused and violated by most of these spoiled, incompetent and irresponsible officials in Holland.  The officials who are trained and paid to enforce these rights and rules do not respect this, even when the wrongdoing of the officials is proved.  Cover-up processes protect them all.

Accountability for wrongdoings does not exist. In most institutions, administrators replace real professionals. The base of the most problems in Holland lies in the institutions, particularly in the legal system, because the check for balances is not functioning. With decent and honest legislators, the check for balance can be functioned and, hence, could correct all of the wrongdoings. Unfortunately, these dirty people in Holland are in power. They have done lots of wrongs things, like child abuse in Turkey. Turkey used this and let them do whatever they wanted. So this rotten legal system of Holland and the vulnerability of these spoiled elite members of ruling Holland is the base for Turkey to use them to take me hostage and make me silent. Of course, we have all the necessary and relevant official documents from Holland and Turkey as proof of what I am telling you.

After 25 years Turkey is still pressuring these spoiled guilty characters in a high-level position in Holland’s legal system to hold me as a hostage and forbid my voice to be heard. In every court and every prison, I recognized the power of this behaviour. Moreover, we have more than a hundred proofs of these issues as well. Surely, I am not going to be silent and the fascist state of Turkey is going to lose. Together with Turkey, their paedophile and criminal collaborators are going to lose.

No one on earth should doubt that the United States of Kurdistan will be established. This is for the good of the Kurdish people. There is only one way left for the fascist state of Turkey; they should leave the Kurdish land. To the paedophile and criminal collaborators in Holland and England, I tell them they should do their worst. This will suit them. They all will lose and pay for the consequences of their wrongdoings.

This is what I am telling you all. For 25 years they have done every dirty thing that they could do. Their last tool was Hester van der Sar, the director of P.I. de Schie and the dirty games she played in PI Schie from the end of 2020 until January 2021.  It will damage that poor director only. I just laugh about it.

I respectfully thank each and every good person of this country for their extraordinary cards, letters and prayers they are sending to me.

For me, they are real honours of this land. Of course, I will never appreciate enough and show my great gratitude to my respected lawyers and other good people who are helping tirelessly in my defence.


I make this public state via my lawyers as  my reaction what I explained above.


Best regards,

Huseyin Baybasin