Baybasin’s explanation about the financial-case: the High Court of Den Bosch


My court hearing in the so-called Financial-case in the High Court of Den Bosch on the 19th of May 2017 was worse than a horror movie. I felt sick to my stomach at every decision taken by the court. I want to give you just one example.

After 20 years, I was asked some questions about so-called telephone conversations. I asked if I could have those so-called telephone conversations, in order to listen to them, examine them, and then give the answers. My request was denied, because according to the court, this request had already been denied before, in 2014. For me, this is proof that this court is not fair and not independent. The court cannot and may not ignore the law that the defense must be given the evidence in order to examine it before the evidence is submitted in court and questions have to be answered. It is not very illogical that you can not remember the context of telephone conversations you had maybe 20 years before. Especially when it is clear that they were manipulated. Simply said, the court did not want me and my lawyer to get and examine those telephone conversations and prove that those particular ones were manipulated as well.

On the other hand, the two attorneys general at the court deliberately lied to the court. This is something that my lawyer Mrs. Van der Plas proved to the court clearly. What history will tell later about this court hearing and the ugliness spread around there will not be relevant anymore to my suffering. Anyone who is interested in looking at the full report of this court hearing, please look at the website: and see for yourself. This report has been prepared by Dr. Hofstede, who was present at the court hearing and heard everything. His report is about what he saw.

I respectfully thank Dr. Hofstede for his attention. Especially with respect, I thank his parents, senior Mr. and Mrs. Hofstede, for attending the court hearing during the whole day, in order to support the rule of law for the sake of justice. I also want to thank prof. Derksen and his wife with the utmost respect for also being there the whole day and also for their highly valuable contribution to the defense. And of course, I thank Mr. Molenkamp with respect and admiration for also being there the whole day and for making an honest report for the Foundation ‘Restore Justice’, of which he is one of the founders. Mr. Molenkamp is well known for his honesty and decency. He was a high official at the Ministry of Justice. Of course, respectfully I thank every person who was there for the whole day and witnessed the described obstruction of justice.

I’m not angry but I’m am preparing criminal charges against Mr. Jeroense, the attorneys general Mr.  Roelofs, who was present in court, and his boss Mr. Hugo Hillenaar, as well against the so-called fake expert Mr. van den Heuvel, and of course, all the others who intentionally did wrong in this case. I have to do this for the sake of justice and because I have to remind those criminals that this is Holland, that still is a constitutional state. I have to make sure that they will get their punishment in the court of law.

Hüseyin Baybasin