Baybasin sent his lawyers this message about prof. Mr Derksen’s book


Professor and Philosopher Mr Ton Derksen wrote a new book called ‘Onschuldig vast’. In this book he points out a very serious problems that exist in the legal system in Holland. The highly professional and hard work of Mr Derksen and his colleagues received reactions of the Dutch parliament as well of Ministry of Justice in Holland. The Minister is correct to say that they are paying money to some experts for investigation. But in reality, they are paying experts to cover up the truth. This is a real problem. My case is a very good example of this.

Prosecutors and judges appointed totally unqualified experts and spended a large amount of the State’s money to make wrong look right. Police or prosecutors write so-called expertise rapports on which those so-called experts just put their signatures. And the judges just accept them. No matter what the defense brings to the court, it will not be accepted by the court.

I invite Mr Minister to investigate what I am addressing. He will see, that this is the way they are doing it.

My utmost respect to prof. Mr Derksen and his colleagues for bringing out this highly professional expertise rapport as a book.