Great gratitude to those who stand in support of the Kurds in Rojava

Respectfully thank you to Lindsey Graham, ambassador Nicky Haley, former US envoy to middle-east and Afghanistan Brett Mcgurk and the others who have risen their voice loud and clear against fascist state of Turkeys sick minded Islamist terrorist Erdogan.
Rojava of Kurdistan is the honour of civilisation. Erdogans intention is to protect his Islamist terrorists, that’s all. He is the enemy of civilisation. He is a Islamist terrorist that’s what he is. Let us don’t fool ourselves, he knows what he is doing.
We as the kurdisch nation must keep distance between ourselves and socialist communist ideology. Communism as a destructive ideology. The communism never was and will be helpful to the Kurdish cause. We, the Kurds have to reorganise ourselves for a democratic United States of Kurdistan. We have to help ourselves before we ask the others to help us.