Torture is the nature of treatment, covered up by the deniers. No law to protect rights. Human rights do not exist any more. Most of the prosecutors are liars and heartless. Most of the judges are party. They are not independent at all. They are just servants of their bosses.

The intelligence people are lurking in the shadows. Police are powerless. Lawyers and the courts have become formalities. Prisons are crime schools. Prison guards are just followers of the orders – the orders of this order. Governors are very busy doing nothing.

Corruption is the main qualification.

The ECHR has become arrogantly deaf and dumb. The Royals are untouchable. Politicians are just fanciful. Paedophilia is the business as usual. Paedophiles are the top bosses in the Netherlands. In fact, they are the law. Sadly, the public is unaware of the events because justice is on the bonfire. In the Netherlands and the ECHR life is about being drowned. Who cares? The mainstream media are illegal hunters. What a shame, what a shame!

Huseyin Baybasin
8 September 2019