Celebrating the first birthday of the United States of Kurdistan’s government


Last year on the 24th of July we announced The United States of Kurdistan’s government in exile in the same room where the Lausanne treaty was signed, and which sailed the Kurdish people’s faith until this day. We no longer accept that faith, instead we are working really hard to announce the independence of The United States of Kurdistan. We strongly believe that we are going to be successful and we need the Kurdish people to believe in it as strong as we do, we are going to lead the Kurd back home again.

What do the Kurds want? Do they want to be independent or do they want to stay oppressed in one the four part of Kurdistan? All of the members of the of the United States of Kurdistan’s government members in exile are convinced that there isn’t a better solution than to declare independence though required procedure. This isn’t solely based on the emotional bond we have with our homeland but based on common sense. The oppression, killing and witch-hunt of the Kurds by the Arabs, Turks, Persian won’t stop until we have our occupied homeland back from them.

I personally can’t wait for the day to walk freely through the streets of any town in Kurdistan, knowing that we are free. Free in every sense of the word. That I can carry my flag without being assaulted by a Turk, talking Kurdish without an ignorant court saying that it isn’t a language, celebrating my new year without being ridiculed. We, like every human being on this planet deserve a place to call our own, a place to call home.

Have faith, work hard, peak Kurdish and speak Kurdish because you are going to need it when you want to move to Kurdistan!

Bijî yekîtîya gelê Kurd, Bijî serxwebun û serfirazîya Kurdistanê!

Member of United States of Kurdistan’s government