Open letter to prejudice judges of Holland’s Supreme Court (in Dutch Cassatie) who decided about my financial case at the date 30 October 2018 File number ECLI:NL:HR:2018:2023


Name of the judges, Mr. W.A.M. van Schendel, Mr. A.J.A. van Dorst and Mr. M.J. Borgers The prosecutors name is Mr. B.F. Keulen.

The judgment of the Supreme Court of Holland about my financial case, dated 30 October 2018 is a reflection of the power of the criminal paedophile clique and does not accord with the rule of law in Holland. I do not consider that such a disgraceful decision as this was ever taken even in any Third World country. In fact, I do not believe that such a shameful decision was ever taken in the world’s legal history.

I was accused by the Dutch Ministry of Justice of deriving benefit from drug trafficking, based on Holland and Turkey’s criminal justice ministries’ fiction. After 20 years of disgraceful bullying and abuse of process, both countries’ prosecutors’ offices joined investigations and the result is that there were no any illegal benefits obtained from drug trafficking or any other criminal activities and Baybasin’s wealth was fully within his legal right. This all looks fine.

Then Holland’s criminal so-called legal system decided to go on with further investigation and did so. After 17 years they came up with another prejudiced accusation that Baybasin has conducted illegal business in Turkey. He exchanged some land for other land, and on that land he is said to have built 30 apartments and made more profit then he should have made. The amount of alleged profit made from those apartments must be given to Holland. This two million euro punishment is about this case, nothing else. The judgment that was confirmed by Holland’s Supreme Court on 30 October 2018 is totally based on fiction and owes to the paedophile clique’s holding high positions in Holland’s legal system such that they can then impose this judgment on the court.

It is fiction because such a contract for an exchange of land- which is in any case completely legal has nothing to do with me. The so-called thirty apartments do not exist, and my honourable lawyer, Adèle Van der Plas, provided documents and pictures showing that they were wrong: there were no such apartments, as they claimed, and there was no planning permission ever issued concerning that particular plot of land.

The esteemed scientist philosopher Professor of Logic, Ton Derksen personally showed the high court of Den Bosch during the court procedure on Google Earth that it is utterly clear that at the address in question no such apartments exist. There were no apartments or buildings on that land.

Let us repeat: there was no planning permissions nor do the apartment exist such as the Dutch prosecutor has claimed, but despite this fact the High Court of Den Bosch has convicted me and the Supreme Court of Holland has upheld the decision. They have done this not just to steal my money, but to cover-up their prejudice and abuse the legal process imposed on me by the criminal paedophile clique in control of the Dutch system.

I believe that every civilised person should respect the legal rights of others and understand my reaction concerning this highly prejudiced judgment.

Anyone who is interested in the matters that I am referring to should also look at case number ECLI:NL:GHSHE:2017:2995

Hüseyin Baybaşin
3 November 2018