My immediate reaction with regard to the judgement


Today, the judgment of the Supreme Court in Holland was ugly and disgraceful. However, I am not surprised at all, because I am well aware of that Holland’s legal system is highly corrupted by a bunch of criminal paedophiles.

I am so angry that those ugly and senseless people do not have decency and self-respect – they do not have any respect for the rule of law and they are wearing that highly respectable uniform. They do not deserve to wear that uniform on their ugly body.

After the judgment, I told the judges that we will use their ugly judgment as material to establish the United States of Kurdistan. Besides, I told them that they should shame on themselves. At the same time, I do not believe that they have shame.

This judgement should tell us, the Kurdish nation, that as long as we do not have our own state, we will be treated unjustly in Holland or anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately, in Holland, a bunch of criminal paedophiles are controlling the legal system, which is very disappointed. This is my immediate reaction to their ugly judgment.

With respect to everyone, and I appreciate it very much to see all those decent and highly respectable participants in the court.

We will win this case for sure. They will regret it!

Hüseyin Baybasin,