A week before Newroz of 21.3.18 a delegation from Russia travelled to Imrali island and met with Mr Ocalan at the request of the Caliph of Turkey to seek backing for Kurdish fighters not to engage against Turkey in Afrin.

I am certain about the meeting on Imrali where Mr Ocalan is held hostage by the fascist state of Turkey. I do not have a full record of the meeting at present.

I sincerely believe that a record of the meeting must be shared with the public so the Caliph of Turkey and his ISIS terrorists donning Turkish military uniforms were not the ones who took control over Afrin as Erdogan claimed. It was through Russia’s interference in support of Erdogan that his came about.

Russia, as Soviet Union, had betrayed the Kurds in 1947-48 and caused the destruction of the Republic of Kurdistan at the request of the Shah of Iran – on behalf of the Russians, history has once more repeated itself.

Mr Ocalan is held hostage by the fascist state of Turkey on Imrali island: he is not allowed to receive visits from his lawyers and family. We do not know the current conditions he is actually being held in.

My point here is that this cheap game against the heroic Kurdish resistance in Afrin is yet another new reason for us to form the United States of Kurdistan’s government as quickly as possible and establish the United Independent States of Kurdistan at any cost.

We feel it to be necessary to share these events with the public and will follow them up.

In the name of the United States of Kurdistan’s Government Working Committee.

Huseyin Baybasin
28 March 2018

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