The fascist state of Erdogan’s Turkey’s barbaric actions have nothing to do with border security issues. The civilised world must not be fooled by Erdogan’s cover-up excuses for his barbaric action against Afrin, the region of Kurdistan.

Erdogan is part of a sick ideology movement. Today it is the turn of Afrin, tomorrow it will be somewhere else because his barbaric actions and aggression will never end. Having said this, when we look at the history it is clearly repeating itself. Caliph Erdogan’s Turkey is behaving exactly the same as Hitler’s Germany. In a statement on January 1, 2016, before the presidential election, Erdogan was even using Hitler’s Germany as a successful state model in its strive to presidency. Today president Erdogan is acting no different.

As I explained in my previous article ‘Act now to save Aftin and unify for the sake of civilisation’, there is no difference between Erdogan’s Turkey, el Qaida, ISIS, el Nusra, or any other similar garbage-names. They are all the servants of a sickening ideology. The civilised world has to stop them. There are lots of serious problems in the world, but Islamist fundamentalism or extremism is the most serious and destructive threat to the civilised way of life.

We, the Kurdish Nation, are determined to establish the United States of Kurdistan. This will be achieved at any cost. Now, it is for the civilised world the time to act, and not to talk.

Huseyin Baybasin