Operation In Kirkuk, Act Now!

What the Kurdish nation has been facing in Kirkuk today,  is not just a challenge for the Kurdish people, but it is also a challenge for the whole civilisation and civilised world. This operation to the Kurds is well coordinated, and well-organised terrorist activity of Islamization. This operation is a move of the Iranian Mullah regime. They are more dangerous than ISIS. We should not forget that.
I ask every Kurdish person – and all the friends of Kurds, and those who are believing in and protecting of the civilisation – to act now in order to stop this sick, unlawful action of the Mullah regime.
This operation is not a joke! This is more serious than anyone can imagine and will only get worse. Therefore we have to act now and stop this sickness.
We ought to bring the Kurds together and declare The United State of Kurdistan, this is justice and the only way to bring peace and stability in the Middle East.
All the respect to everyone.
Hüseyin Baybasin