I published before about Nadia Murad on September 30, 2016. Nadia is a Kurdish girl
who was kidnapped by a destructive fascist terrorist organisation so-called ISIS. This
brave Kurdish girl managed to escape from their death camp. Since then, with her
extraordinary activities, she achieved a lot with her highly valuable deeds.
Yesterday, she managed to get the unanimous decision by the United Nations to
investigate the crimes against humanity and genocide committed against the Yezidi
Kurds by the so-called ISIS. She managed to achieve this great success together with the
human rights lawyer Amal Clooney. I say thank you very much to Nadia and Amal both. I
want to bring to their attention to extend the investigation by not only bringing the
criminal members of ISIS to justice, but to look as well after those who trained and
armed the criminal members of ISIS.

Who recruited them? Who trained them? Who transported them to the region where
they were acting? Who gave them the weapons? Who trained them and who provided
them with all they needed? Who suppord them financially, and who bought their
petrol’s? I believe that all of those are guilty as they are.
If all those facts will be clarified, then we can see more clearly where those criminals
come from, as well, we can effectively prevent such elements to come back again.
Thank you, Nadia and thank you, Amal Clooney. I thank everyone who support this

I ask everyone to support this activity

Hüseyin Baybasin