Baybasin’s statement about the conclusion


First of all, from day one the Dutch and Turkish officials jointly created fantastic scenarios, of which the Dutch prosecutor then accused me. There were no crimes committed. That is why no criminal organisation existed and I was not a member of such an organisation as accused. There was no such illegal group that I was leading, as the Dutch prosecutor claims. That is why no one else has been arrested and charged along with me.

I am very disappointed that some good people are asking me some disturbing questions. If they look at the facts, they will understand the truth. They just have to look at BS-Foundation’s website. Everything is written there.

No person or group used my name for their criminal activities. There is not any criminal activity, as I know of, that my name was used in or involved with. We have ample official documents as proof. We also have official documents that constitute proof of the propaganda activities of the fascist Turkish state and their collaborator’s paedophile criminal group that includes Joris Demmink. This is fact and truth. Together they first created a bad image of me, and then preceded to attack me afterwards.

With regard to the conviction in the financial case in the High Court of Den Bosch: this is a very clear example of the bad intent shown by the Dutch judicial system towards me. The decisions of the High Court of Den Bosch alleging there were apartments and I made a profit from these are shameful and baseless. The court knows very well that this is just a falsehood. A legal business existed between one of my family members and the other party. The other party’s lawyer – not my family member’s lawyer – asked me to mediate. The land was bought and sold between them. That was an entirely legal transaction. That is why no court case was brought in Turkey concerning that transaction. There were no apartments involved in the matter ever. Nor were there any particulars concerning apartments. The parties reached an agreement and the case was closed in 1997.

The Dutch prosecutor brought some false accusations against me and concocted a story in league with their Turkish colleagues. They confiscated that land and claimed that I had benefitted from it. After 20 years, not a single apartment exists there. After the confiscation, the Dutch prosecution returned that land back to my family member in Turkey. Because there were no illegal activities and nothing illegal relating to me in this matter they returned his land.

Even today no apartment exists on that same plot of land. The address is clear and it is fully apparent to anyone who wishes to observe the truth for himself. One should ask: if there was anything illegal related to a case concerning the land, why give it back? When it became clear that there was nothing illegal, the land was returned. How can the High Court of Den Bosch then allow themselves to convict me for the same case? One must ask the judges of the High Court of Den Bosch why they should act this way as they have made what appears to be a deliberately wrongful decision.

Once more, I want to make clear to everyone, that every charge and conviction against me in the Dutch court is made up by Dutch and Turkish officials, and not because I have done anything illegal. The Dutch Court punished me as part of an agreement that was made between Joris Demmink and Turkish officials in 1995 in a blackmail deal over the former’s paedophile acts in Turkey.

I am very grateful to my esteemed lawyer, Mrs Van der Plas, who has clarified all the details in a painstaking professional manner. This can be seen on the BS-Foundation website.

Documented for having committed paedophile acts in Turkey (and elsewhere) Joris Demink made an agreement with Turkish officials to cover-up his paedophile acts in Turkey and manipulated the Dutch state over it. The Turkish state targeted me because of my stand for freedom and human rights for my nation, the Kurdish people.

I must repeat again: The High Court of Den Bosch’s decision in my financial case is illegal and is disgusting to me. They did not give a single so-called telephone conversation even to listen, examine, and prepare my defence. This is the minimum right to the defence in both Dutch Law and under Article 6 of the European Conventions on Human Rights. This is one of the reasons why the High Court of Den Bosch conviction is unsound and violates the law. It is completely unacceptable, because I am convicted over an apartment, which never existed. I ask everyone to demand of the judges of the High Court of Den Bosch the reason for this ugly decision that violates the law and my rights to a just defence.

With regard to Mr Aben’s involvement in my case from the outset, information can be found in the case file, as well as on the BS-Foundation’s website. In the so-called Marsil-case, Mehmet Marsil, a Turkish police officer, spoke to some people in Amsterdam in 1997 and tried to contact me. Those people asked for his ID. It was clear that he was a Turkish police officer. He was acting in Amsterdam and searching for me carrying a special Turkish passport as a Turkish police officer. The people he approached asked me what they should do. I told them to give his ID and passport to my lawyer at the time, Mr Koppe. I asked Mr Koppe to file a complaint about this individual to the Dutch police or prosecutor in Amsterdam. Mr Koppe did so. Because we knew that the Turkish State had sent a hit team to carry out my assassination this particular person fit the description we were giving. Details of this case file can be found on the BS-Foundation website.

The prosecutor in Amsterdam at that time was Mr Aben, with whom my former lawyer, Mr Koppe, communicated. Those Turkish police officers and friends were told to leave their address until I could get to see them. My former lawyer told the Dutch prosecutor and police in which hotel they were staying. Somehow that complaint of mine got moved from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Rotterdam’s police department contacted Mr Koppe and told him they lacked the expertise to take Baybasin’s statement about the complaint, and as soon as an expert was available, they would contact him again. Three days’ later, the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam issued official papers to the Turkish police officer and his companion. They were sent back to Turkey under supervision of the Dutch police and prosecutors. Two days’ after they returned to Turkey, the Rotterdam police called Mr Koppe and I and said to come to the police department in Rotterdam to give my statement. So we did.

I asked my lawyer and police officers why the case was moved from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Nobody explained the reason to me – not the police, the prosecutor or my former lawyer. They just ignored my question. When I was re-arrested in March 27, 1998, one of so-called crimes, according to Hugo Hillenaar, was that I had tried to kill that Turkish police officer. And that is one of my convictions. Hugo Hillenaar and the High Court of Den Bosch knew full well that I was the complainant and not the accused. The High Court of Den Bosch took that decision in 2002. It became clear that Mr Aben and Mr Hillenaar framed me in that case concerning this Turkish police officer we believed was sent to kill me and this was based on ‘’niet gevonden’’ (they couldn’t find it) telephone conversations as evidence.

Now Mr Aben’s latest conclusion is that there has been no manipulation of telephone tap conversations and nothing is wrong with the translations. Mr Aben is not only being unprofessional he is being dishonest. I emphasise again the fact that I was the complainant and not in any position to be accused of anything. Because they could not find any other story to convict me on, they made up this case and concocted some transcripts. When we asked to hear the so called telephone conversation they told us ‘’niet gevonden”.

Mr Aben has reached a completely unreliable decision claiming that he could not find proof of manipulation. This is nothing less than an abuse of power and of his position, and people should be asking why Mr Aben he has done this? To fabricate such offensive accusations against me and then label me a criminal, is such acceptable? None of the telephone conversations, which are used as ‘evidence’, exist. The scenarios made up by Mr Aben and his colleague, Mr Hillenaar, do not use authentic telephone conversations in evidence but Mr Aben’s conclusion is ‘’everything is as it should be. No manipulation has taken place!” This itself is a crime, and one committed by Mr Aben, Mr Hillenaar and others.

If any person in this country does not want to see the truth and they want to live with this sham, that is their choice. If they want to reject this deviousness and find out the truth they should know how to go about it.

Mr Aben has stated in his conclusion that Mr Baybasin has mobilized intelligent people to accuse the Dutch State. Well, Mr Aben: The truth is very clear and members of my defence are very intelligent people. It appears you are very intelligent as well. That is why you could see it. Those intelligent people are able to proof the truth, which you have tried to cover-up in the past 7 years. But what is different between you and my defence team, is that you are a very corrupt person. My defence team members are very intelligent, very decent, very honest and respectable individuals. This is something deceitful people like you cannot seem to grasp.

I have made this statement because I have received a lot of questions asking why this, why that. This is my straightforward answer. The rest, you can easily find out by yourself simply by reading the evidence as put forward on a legal basis on the BS Foundation website.

With respect,
Huseyin Baybsin