Seriously measures need to be taken against terrorism


Islamist terror groups or any other extremist groups are a threat to a civilized way of life. It is evident to all of us that the authorities, which are targeted or are potential targets, must be seriously measured. Therefore we need to be vigilant and challenge this threat as one. Especially for us as the Kurdish nation, we have the duty to challenge this sickening ideology as our highest priority. The countries that are targeted or are potential targets by this sickening ideology threat must take certain extra security measures as matter of urgency.

First of all, every place that is open to public and is wonderable should be measured in sense of security. This also applies for materials, which are and can potentially be used for violence. Furthermore, it is very important to mobilize all Muslim citizens to be vigilant and involve the authorized authorities about handling challenges that we are facing now. They should inform the authorities on everything suspicious to them. This must be taken seriously. Besides, those who organize and support certain organizations, they could be countries or persons, must be challenged and must be followed with more serious circumstances and harder consequences for them. Finally, I have to say that this is a new form of threat. So it cannot and must not just be left on the shoulders of law and enforcement officers, and intelligent services agencies. Ones again I repeat that we all need to act as one to face, deal and challenge this threat.

With respect to everyone,
Hüseyin Baybasin