Civilization faced with real danger


Today one’s more the fascist State of Turkey with heavy military equipment including tanks, artilleries, jets with missiles and a large number of military special forces attack the Kurds on their own land in the part of Kurdistan, which is known as Syria.

Especially the western world, NATO, United Nations, Security Council and all of civilized nations have a moral and legal responsibility to act now to do whatever has to be done to defend and protect the Kurds.

I do not have to describe to you the Kurdish National Freedom Movement heroic standing against cold-blooded murders and enemies of civilization, so-called ISIS. One of the creators and supporters of this sick ideology is the fascist and destructive State of Turkey.

The ISIS ideology is not different from the ideology of Mr. Erdogan. That is why these attacks on Kurds by the fascist State of Turkey have two significant reasons:

i)   to destroy Kurdish national movement; (which they never will succeed in)
ii)  and to protect ISIS terrorist organization and their ideology,

Simple as this.

The world powers must show their real face now. Do not leave the Kurds alone now. Do not waste any time. It will be too late, as it was in World War II with Hitler and his Nazis. What we are facing now is more dangerous and serious than the Nazi movement in World War II.

We, the Kurds, are not going to allow fascist and cold-blooded murderers on Kurdish soil. The Fascist State of Turkey with their cold-blooded ideology and murderers will be buried on their filth and tyranny.

It is time for the Kurds now to unite and act as one for a glorious Kurdish Nation and the holy land of Kurdistan.

Our country and nations future is in our hands.


Kind regards,
Hüseyin Baybasin